Thursday, December 10, 2009

And the latest from the church...

TEC in the USA have nominated another lesbian bishop. How ridiculous that this should even be an issue - but let us hop that her election is confirmed and the pathetic and hypocritical institution that is the Anglican Communion breaks up, as it should have done many years ago.

And what a record for the Chief Hypocrite and backstabber, Rowan Williams, who I despise almost more than any other living being - the word 'pitiful' is simply not strong enough. He is truly despicable, untrustworthy and actually thinks it is right to treat his 'friends' appallingly for the sake of a religious club - which is all the church is or ever could be. It is a purely human institution, sociologically. To believe anything else is pathological, and williams' pained 'super-spirituality' has been shown to be little more than a fa├žade.

A classic example is that he has failed to comment on appalling anti-gay legislation proposed in Uganda, that beacon of progress and democracy, yet immediately expressed in his usual mealy-mouthed way, concerns about upsetting 'the bonds of affection' (you couldn't make it up) in appointing a lesbian bishop.

So, its OK to kill gays and say nothing for fear of upsetting the regressing world. the primitives will still be there with their begging bowl as they overpopulate the world and expect the rest of us to pay for it, helped by the church who actually think overseas aid is justifiable. I would stop all of it immediately unless compulsory adherence to human rights, a cease of all arms purchases, and a compulsory one-child population programme is agreed to. Otherwise, its an entire waste of money.

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