Friday, October 23, 2009

Religionist events

Well, the evils really are having some fun, aren't they. The Albanian government wants the bones back of mass murderer and epitomy of evil, 'Mother' Teresa, who specialised in infecting and killing the poor and taking money from dictatorships which she gave to Vatican plc whilst spending her time in hospital in the very best surroundings. This evil bitch epitomises Vatican plc and its priorities as it ensures the death of millions whilst trying to promote over-population and preventing women from controlling their own fertility. I am sure that the awarding of 'sainthood' will be made by Hitler Youth member Ratfinger and it will maintain the level of morality of this truly distasteful organisation

So what fun to see them making a bid for the misogynists and closet queens of the Forward in Faith cult. Of course, the reason this particular group of hypocrites won't go is that they fear the likely purge of gay men from the Catholic priesthood and/or that they actually don't really go for the somewhat 'low' character of Catholic worship. What was particularly sickening was to see Chief Backstabber Rowan Williams on the platform - caught out again by Vatican plc, even though he has done everything they want, down to betraying his friend Jeffrey John. What a spineless waste of oxygen he is - and so amusing that despite his efforts, the whole thing is going to crash around his ears in any case. He won't have a single friend left given that he inspires mockery amongst his new found conservative friends, and the liberals regard him as a hypocrite and simply not to be trusted.

But when one looks at the whole affair, one can only conclude that the church has nothing to offer. I should have seen this for myself a lot earlier. It is desperately sad to see so much manipulation and power-chasing in something which is meant to be 'spiritual'. And if conservative religionism is 'spirituality' one can understand why other spiritualities and humanist alternatives are growing in popularity

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